I am not a huge fan of artist's Statements. I would prefer the work to speak for itself. But I acknowledge that sometimes it can be useful to hear some thoughts from the maker.
So here it goes...

I was born in Cork, Ireland in 1971. My training was in the Crawford College of Art & Design. I currently work from my studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My work concentrates on the challenges of thrown forms, which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, producing Sculptural Decorative Vessels. In essence, the major concerns that my work deals with are a love of the qualities of thrown clay, an on-going relationship with porcelain and a fascination with the theme of the vessel, in both literal and abstracted interpretations.

Having begun my career producing small-scale functional pots, as my skill and confidence have increased I have moved entirely into making one-off vessels which are purely sculptural in their intent.
Increasingly the main elements feeding the development of the work are Process and Finish; coupled with constant exploration and a deepening understanding of Form and Volume.
My making-environment offers the solitude of a private, quiet studio which provides a space for great focus: and allows me to ‘play’. This risk-taking (making pieces which are exploring something new but are in themselves unsuccessful aesthetic objects) is fundamental to my practice – during a development stage such as this only 20% of work may be seen through to fired-finish. Without this research stage the new, exciting and successful pieces could not result.

In 2016 I explored new works in Bronze for my 3rd Solo Exhibition in London with Erskine Hall & Coe. More details about my motivation for the new material is discussed within the Image Gallery for the Bronzes.

My Practice is a labour of love and admitted-obsession. I love my job.