Thrown Porcelain Vessels.

A brief introduction...

I have been working with porcelain exclusively since 1998. My work concentrates on the challenges of thrown forms, which are often then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, producing sculptural vessels.
Great care and attention is paid to each aspect of the making process - throwing, turning, assembly of component pieces, form, contours, rims, application of glaze....
In essence, the major concerns that my work deals with are a love of the process of throwing, an ongoing relationship with porcelain and a fascination with the theme of the vessel, in both literal and abstracted interpretations.

My work deals with the enjoyment of the qualities of Porcelain and the practice of manipulating, cutting and reassembling freshly thrown forms to highlight movement and volume.

Initial inspiration was gained from observation of roads, pathways and hedgerows as well as the curves and contours of the local landscape to produce my sculptural decorative vessels.
Increasingly it seems that the main elements feeding the development of the work are Process and Finish. What my environment offers of primary importance now is the solitude and focus of a private, quiet studio.

There is no question that the challenges and concerns available to explore through the Vessel are of constant interest to me, as is the use of the wheel as a starting point to play with.

I hope you enjoy the web-site.